District 42 was formed in 1982 and covers all of mainland British Columbia. Given the vast geographical area served, District 47 was created in 2007 to serve RTOERO members who live on Vancouver Island.


Members and growing

District 42 Mainland British Columbia President

Janice Wasik

District 42 Mainland British Columbia Executive

Name Role Email
Janice Wasik President
Shannon Redmond First Vice-President
Susan Pottery Secretary
Rhona Charron Treasurer
Maureen Patz Member Services Coordinator
Barbara Ann Schultz Goodwill Rep
Kathryn Bell Goodwill Rep
Kathy Yoshitomi Newsletter Editor
Kathryn Bell Newsletter Editor
Imants Straumers Newsletter Editor
Shannon Redmond Health Benefits Representative
Audrey Osborne Health Benefits Representative
Janice Wasik PAC Rep
Imants Straumers Web Master
Janice Wasik Corporate Member 1
Rhona Charron Corporate Member 2
Elaine Marentette Alternate 1
Susan Pottery Alternate 2
Teresa Petrick Community Grant Rep
Vijya Verma Community Grant Rep
Imants Straumers Social Media Rep
Stelvio Bandiera Social Media Rep
Kathy Yoshitomi RPW Organizer

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